On Pauses and Steps Forward

I’m not going to be writing my pigeon articles for a while. In light of the widespread rioting and looting in our capital and around other parts of the country over the last few days, it just feels grossly insensitive for me to produce fiction based, in large part, upon rioting and looting. I thought about going ahead with the pieces and curbing some of the excesses the game presents, but playing Grand Theft Auto with its excesses curbed is pretty patently a pointless activity. I also thought about going down the balls-out, meta route, and discussing the riots and my feelings about them as I played. Then I thought again, and realised this would be a really crass thing to do.

I understand some of you probably hold the opinion that we should get on with enjoying videogames as we always have, that the opportunity for play is one of the hallmarks of a civilised society, that gaming together will bring us together. But I can’t write about stealing cars and smashing windows and beating people up right now. Not with so many friends and family members in London. Not with games journalists I admire posting jokes on Twitter that bravely yet barely mask the obvious fear they’re experiencing as they watch the streets they live on descend into war zones. Right now, the thought of even loading up GTA IV ties my stomach in knots.

So Kicking Pigeons is on hold. Not for long, I hope — all being well events will begin to calm as the pressure tap loses steam, and I’ll be back to running around a make-believe city like a twerp before you know it.

Until then I’ll focus on other posts for the blog. Nice posts, ones that remind us that, although we may make our homes on tectonic plates floating upon oceans of chaos, and though a single crack can bring geysers of magma spewing forth, our homes themselves should be places of joy and happiness.

I don’t want to game in isolation from the outside world, but I do want to carry on gaming, and writing about my exploits. I hope you want to carry on reading.

In other news, I’ve accepted a tentative position as Games Editor for the about-to-be-created Technology section of a friend’s website. I’ll post more about that as it develops, but suffice to say I’m excited/scared by the possibilities of writing for as large an audience as the website commands. Excited/scared is a good feeling. It’s the feeling of life moving forwards.

So, until next time, stay safe, and keep being lovely to each other.

Peace and hugs x

P.S. If you want to read more about the riots, I can’t recommend any piece more highly than Laurie Penny’s “Riots on the streets of London”.



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7 responses to “On Pauses and Steps Forward

  1. daysocks

    While I really enjoy your Pigeon posts, I have no hard feelings against this. I’m having similar difficulties playing any game myself, right now. I just can’t while it seems like my whole country is going up in flames.

  2. Ruairi

    I hope the pigeons make a speedy return

    • Rob

      We’re on a truce for a few days as we drink tea together and contemplate why people lose their capacity for empathy and rational thought during moments of crisis when they most need to be empathetic and rational. Then when we’ve figured that one out I’ll go back to blowing them up with Molotov cocktails.

  3. On moving forward, I like the new layout Rob. Also, I think the pigeons are safe to come out again now. The carnage appears to be over (temporarily).

    • Rob

      Aye, they’ll be returning in a while. Got a few things I want to do first though. And yes, the new theme is better. It’s also the one every games journalist already has for their personal blog. Woops.

  4. Raiyan 1.0

    Keep us posted your new potential job. And don’t be scared about writing for a larger audience – you’ll do fine.

    Except for when you don’t, and The Angry Internet Men descend upon you like a plague of locusts, bent on destroying your credentials and wiping you off the face of The Internet, and then, even worse, forgetting all about it the next day as they move on, making you cast doubt on your own dignity, wondering why you aren’t even worthy of at least two-consecutive days of bitching… and to top it all, your editor tells you you didn’t fuck up enough because there weren’t enough hits, asking you to be more controversial, as you’re forced to prostitute yourself for the pennies that clank every time someone clicks that page…

    Other than that, you’ll do fine. 😉

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