Of Buoyancy

Word to your progenitors, earth-kids. Just firing a fast one from the hip (or a quick one at the wrist?) to tell yous to have a gander at the Eurogamer homepage today. Why? Well you should be looking at it anyway you tykes. But specifically, because I’ve won their Reader Review of the Month competition again.

The review in question is of Digger-Simulator 2011, that veritable jewel of a game, about which the nicest thing I can probably say is that it’s essentially installable.

In the review I also say things not dissimilar to:

Video games have potential for reigniting that deep focus we experience as children, that immediacy and clarity born of living in a new world where endeavours are begun for their own sake, not out of a desire for some perceived external goal. Watching ants crawl across a scorching summer pavement, say, or building a dam over a stream, knowing it will be washed away when next you return.

Go have a nosey, or you can read the full piece, complete with sumptuous horticulturally-themed screenshot, further down the main page of this very blog.

Ellie Gibson, deputy editor of Eurogamer, said some Nice Things about the review, which is surprising because normally she only says Mean Yet Hilarious Things, usually about some horrendous Wii based lifestyle game or other.

So yes, all very superb. I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious and glum about my writing of late (I always feel self-conscious and glum about something, to be fair), which makes this precisely the shot in the arm I needed to soldier on with the work, holding close to my heart that fragile and beautiful hope that one day I may be able to live my life without a job.

Fucking jobs, eh! I mean I’m all for hard work, didacticism and enlarging the mind, but as if any real jobs contain even one iota of those qualities anyway. “Hey guys, seeing as we live only once, briefly, in this vast and unknowable dream-cosmos, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s spend three-quarters of our time doing something we utterly hate so that we have the money to allow us to spend the other quarter too drunk to remember it.”

Yeah, nice one. Which reminds me — you should go read Bob Black’s seminal essay The Abolition of Work (unless you have a job to go to tomorrow, because it might depress you into suicide), and also watch Chris Rock’s impassioned routine about the difference between jobs and careers. Oh yes indeed.

In conclusion, then: Ellie Gibson is amazing and lovely, as long as you’re not the developer of a Wii based lifestyle game (in which case in all seriousness go fucking die), Chris Rock and Bob Black are both very talented, and let’s all quit our jobs and go live in the trees.

For real. We could train squirrels to bring us berries and ice cream, get badgers to put on burlesque shows for us in the evenings, build Swiss Family Robinson style treehouses, and take loads of acid and remember how to love.

Come on. I may be a dreamer, but I bet I’m not the only one.


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  1. I think you’re my new favourite writer about games.

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